Covid protocols

  • On-line registration via dot cloud system only – system will close 29th March at 16:00– no on-site entries, or cash on the day, will be entertained.
  • No race briefing, this will be communicated via website, social media, arious WhatsApp groups
  • Social distancing 2m
  • Hand sanitizers will be available
  • Masks compulsory when not on the water
  • Starts will only be Deep water– paddlers are to be lined up 10 minutes before your batch start at designated startline. Start line will be clearly marked. Please make your way to the start line individually and not in groups.
  • Finish line – paddlers to cross line and clear off the beach immediately, no hanging around discussing war stories at finish line on the beach.
  • There will be no official prize giving as per Covid restrictions – results will be posted on social media &website, race luck draw prizes will be announced on social media.
  • Pirates club house will be open for refreshments & limited food options, but strict Covid protocols must be adhered to.
  • Every paddler who has entered must register at Pirates LSC, Battery Beach Road, Durban on Friday 9th April 2021 from 16:00 to 18:00

Safety Protocols –

Open Ocean Race safety requirements as per SAMSA & Canoe South Africa

Minimum Requirements

  1. An acknowledgement by his/her club safety officer that he/she is competent to paddle in open ocean races, as reflected on the Dotcloud system.
  2. The wearing of a PFD (that conforms to EN ISO 12402-5 {Level 50} and has the following characteristics.
  3. It must be able to float a weight of 6.15kgs. (ISO compliant PFD’s that have been modified will not be allowed)
  4. It must carry the appropriate labelling.
  5. It must be bright in colour (preferably luminous).
  6. It must be in sound condition.
  7. It must have the name of the paddler reflected on it.
  8. It must have a pocket on the chest so that the tracking devise can be accommodated.
  9. It must have a second pocket where a cell phone can be accommodated (unless the tracking device is incorporated in the phone).
  10. It must have a small pocket where a whistle can be accommodated.
  11. No “belt type” PFD’s will be permitted.
  1. A leash if the wind (or predicted wind) is over 10 knots. The leash needs to be in sound working order and must be attached to the body and to a safe point on the craft, preferably the foot strap.
  2. The CSA number of the paddler of the craft to be affixed to the craft on either side of the front deck.
  3. A cell phone with enough airtime, a fully charged battery, the race emergency number loaded, in a waterproof pouch, housed in a pocket of the PFD.
  4. Each Paddler will need to have loaded Safetrx on their cell phone and link to Flotilla that will be loaded on Safetrx. (Flotilla allows us to locate your position at any time on the ocean and your friends and family can also watch your progress). Your cell phone needs to be housed in a pocket of the PFD, and may not be attached to the craft. The onus will not be on the race organiser to ensure that each competitor has activated the tracking facility. The onus will be on the paddler to ensure that they have loaded the Safetrx App and can be tracked through the flotilla system. Any paddler who cannot be tracked by the system will not have their time taken for the event.
  5. A whistle. Of the variety that can operate while wet.
  6. Brightly coloured clothing, including a hat (if worn), preferably luminous.
  7. A minimum of 30% of the deck of the ski must be covered in a bright coloured paint or a bright coloured (preferably luminous) decal. Or, 1000mm of the nose and tail of the ski must be painted a bright colour, preferably red or orange).
  8. A bright coloured decal on the back of each blade of the paddle.
  9. Paddlers must check in before each race with John Oliver on the beach and the proceed out to start line
  10. Paddlers who do not complete race must come to John and report that they have pulled out.

Racing Rules

1. A race briefing will be distributed by video on the race Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as to various surfski WhatsApp groups, an hour before the start of the race to confirm the racecourse, safety and any other relevant information. It is the paddlers’ responsibility to ensure that they watch these race briefings.
2. Start procedure:
Staggered starts – Competitors will be batched in their age categoriesto ensure safe and Covid-19 regulations compliance, all races will have a deep-water offshore start.
3. Finish:

  • The finish will be between two markers/flags, clearly identified and pointed out to competitors on the beach.
  • Paddlers must cross the finish line with their craft (Doubles include both paddlers)
  • Paddles do not need to be carried.
  • The onus is on the paddler to ensure that timekeepers have registered their number.
  • All competitors must cross the finish line or advise the organizers that they have withdrawn from the event. If the organizers are required to institute a search for any competitor who has not crossed the finish line or advised the organizers of their withdrawal, the cost of the search will be borne by the competitor.
  • Craft must be removed from the finish line immediately after their number has been recorded.

4. Any competitor who does not comply with safety requirements will be disqualified
5. Any competitor who does not follow the prescribed racecourse on the day will be disqualified
6. Any competitor who rides the wake of a motorized craft will be disqualified
7. Any competitor who gains an unfair advantage through unsportsmanlike behavior will be disqualified